Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my day in a nutshell...

hey, i had a great day. let me tell you all about it...

my daughter is picky eater. like picky, picky. i have no idea where she get this. her father and i will eat literally almost anything. we keep a house full of pretty healthy options. yet the girl wants to eat nothing but cereal, granola bars and cheese. i make these yummy smoothies in the morning with yogurt and fruit and other yum yums to sneak some good stuff into her life... all this to say, i've made the smoothie and i'm doing a few things around the house and i hear something that sounds suspiciously like spitting. but i choose to ignore it. my precious baby angel would never spit her smoothie all down the front of her shirt.   yes.she.would.

fast forward like thirty minutes. i'm in the "potty" and just as i get up to flush, our sweet new kitten mosby head dives in. uh yea, into, well, yeah - pee. and because he's a cat he of course then rockets right out. covered in pee water. just at that moment nuggie drops her cup of cheerios (b/c the whole freakin' family joins mommy when she has to pee). and i push her out screaming "yuck, yuck, yuck" and trap the pee-water soaked mosby in the bathroom. so there it was... a bathroom with a filthy little critter running around in it tracking pee water onto EVERY surface. including a cup of cheerios that have now scattered all over the floor. needless to say, mosby got his first bath and the whole room got doused with bleach.

i'll stop here. there were several other fun little adventures today. things involving cat poop and nuggie peeing on the carpet... but we've got more how i met your mother to watch... season six - OLE!

 and i had to add this just cause it's so stinkin' cute! i jacked my phone all up and somehow a bunch of old photos suddenly reappeared. look at little 11 month old nugget!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

late to the game...

hey, there's this show called "how i met your mother" - maybe you've heard of it? yeah... this was me about a week and half ago. i have this thing with CBS shows and neil patrick harris. i don't typically like to watch them. BUT, after bub kept hounding me to give it a chance, i relented and well, here i am - nine days later, smack in the middle of season five. we have done nothing but watch every.single.episode. each night after nuggie has gone to sleep. how the heck have i been missing this?!? it kinda makes me feel dumb, like i'm running around screaming to people - hey, have you heard of this little show called friends? whatever, better late than never, right? anyone have season 7 they want to lend to me? netflix only has up through season six.

a new little buddy has come to live with us :-) his name is mosby (duh, like ted mosby... told you we've been living in the land of HIMYM). anyhow, he's a sweet little 10 week old siamese kitten. long story short, he was abandoned and needed a home. we've been wanting to bring in a little companion for olive. and he is perfect. i know it sounds kind of silly, but i feel kind of blessed that he came to live with us. he's absolutely the sweetest little man. he's so patient with nuggie playing with him and never, ever scratches or bites. he let's me rub his cute little belly. he loves to snuggle. he loves to play. he's not a sour, snippy, meany like olive is. ollie will always be our number one - we've had her just as long as bub and i have mr. and mrs. it is nice to have a sweet, little compliment to the fam.

i survived work orientation last week. being away from nuggie for four full days nearly broke me. i have a huge amount of respect for working mommas. work-work starts this week. just two days. no big deal. though it will be rough getting used to working 12-13 hour days. at least they're day shifts. i have to complete eight day shifts shadowing another tech, then after that i can be "on my own" sorta, kinda. and then i can work days, nights, weekends, whatever. nights will be best for us though, so bub can stay home with nuggie and i won't miss too much family time. nights are gonna stink. any advice from other night-shifters out there? i'm afraid of crashing about 3am and curling up on some empty bed somewhere :-p all that aside, i really am excited about getting started. i'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

picture picture

 last weekend for memorial day we headed over to gramp's house. we made a stop at the chattanooga aquarium. it was nuggie's first trip there :-) she had a blast getting up close to the fishies!

 on our way home we made a pit stop at sonic for milkshakes. nuggie had her first one... she LOVED it!

 this pic is from a few weeks ago - BUT, isn't it great? bub found this at the nashville farmer's market. "the main ingredient is Love" :-) and it's "hot slaw" - just sounds southern. i don't do spicy stuff, but he says it's delicious...i'll take his word for it.


sweet pea's hair is now long enough to start getting up in a little pony tail. my baby is growing up WAY too fast.

and this is all sorts of out of order... but, this is a piano at gramp's house. nuggie hopped right up on the bench and started plunking away at the keys. maybe we'll have a little musician in the family.

the last couple of weeks have been nuts. i'm getting all geared up to start work training next monday. WORK!?! it's been so long since i earned a paycheck. i'm so ready to start!

the fence is all done in the backyard except for one last gate bub has to install. it looks awesome! and it's such a blessing to feel a little more secure when playing outside with nuggie. i'll have to post some pics of that soon.

my summer reading list is pretty short so far, but right now i'm getting through - abraham lincoln, vampire hunter. has anyone else read it? it's actually a pretty good read. it's totally different and pretty well written. the movie comes out the end of the month - i cant wait to see it!!