Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tweazer Trouble

a long, long time ago i had big old bushy bert and ernie style eyebrows. i mean they were bad. small children may or may not have been lost in them. one night my sweet mother came to me and said, honey, let's pluck those bad boys. and so began my obsession... fast forward to today (well thursday i guess, techinically) and i was in a chair getting my brows waxed. and the woman commented about how "thin" my brows were. thin? THIN? i said i hadn't done anything to them in months (the only reason i was in the salon in the first place was because my broke ass found a coupon). life is so flippin' out of control right now. i haven't had time to stand in the mirror and do that sort of face maintenance. and she informed me that i have OVERtweased my brows. they're toast. tiny. done growing. a word to the wise ladies - don't over pluck those eyebrows. once they're gone, they are gone. boo.

ok - on with this listy list...

#9 - list 10 people who have influenced you and describe how.

1. my momma - duh! she's my mom. she taught me to garden and to love cheesy sci-fi disaster movies, well and also other super important life lessons like how to be a kind, non-judgmental human being. she's also been one of my biggest fans as i tackle this silly little thing called nursing school.

2. my sister - she's an amazing nurse. i hope to be half the nurse she is someday. i admire her and everything she's worked through to become the woman she is today. 

3. bub - he and i have essentially grown up together. we've gone from silly 20 year old kids to husband and wife, a family, and parents. we've stumbled together and loved together :-)

4. dave ramsey - we REALLY aren't living the "dave-way" right now. but we have gone through financial peace and when i start getting a paycheck again (a real one) his principals are gonna help us dig ourselves out of a really, hugely, insanely large pile of student debt. he's awesome really. tough, but awesome.

5 & 6 bob and sheri. google them. listen. love them like i do.

7. my sweet and life-long friend kate. she and i have been akward 14 year-olds together and now get to be good-buddy neighbors. she's been amazing with nuggie and an awesome supporter and fan as i tackle all the life-crazies i have going on right now.

8. betty smith. the author. read a tree grows in brooklyn. it is beautiful and sad and amazing.

9. my sixth grade bully and the girl who helped make it better. there was an AWFUL girl (who shall remain nameless) who tormented me when i was a chubby, acne-riddled 12 year old. she said really awful and hateful things to me all year long. she made me sad alot. but then i got to be friends with a super wonderful girl named shannon who was my friend despite my unfortunate face and new-student uncoolness. i really don't think i would have survived the transition into a new school without her. 

10. our instructors at school right now. they are awesome. i'm so thankful to be learning from such passionate, kind women.

alright. i have some super cheesy girl movie wonderfulness to finish watching (bub is out of town :-) night night friends.