Wednesday, October 2, 2013

what does the fox say?

guys, we've been living on limited social interactions these last few months. two unemployed, bummy new parents doesn't exactly equal lots of pop culture knowledge flying around our house. SO when i saw the, "what does the fox say?" guys on ellen a couple weeks ago it was however, the rest of you all seemed to know about this already. um, do an exhausted, sheltered mama a favor and post this crap on facebook my friends. it's the only way i hear about this stuff. if you're even more tired and sheltered than i am do yourself a favor, go to youtube and watch, "what does the fox say?" do it. now. i'll wait....

ok, now that your mind has been blown. on to other fun tidbits.

we're "working" on getting doodle into a better sleep routine. guess what??? it's not working. at all. the little stinker now takes what are so warmly referred to as, "cat naps".  sounds nice enough, right? our cats sleep all day. i'd love to sleep like that. you know what they really are though? 20-30 minute teases. he'll doze off happily and sweetly and i sneak off to do important things like watch "let's make a deal" or eat giant bowls of cinnomin toast crunch and before i can even watch wayne brady give a lady dressed up like the queen of hearts $150, the little peanut-man is awake in his bassinet and ready to par-tay. ugh. at least we're getting him out of the swing, right? all you mom's out there that LOVE to share that your 4 week old is sleeping 22 hours a night, just don't. we're lucky to get 4 hours of sleep in a row. and i want to take my 18 white noise machines and smack you in the head with them. i'm just sayin'.

i looked in the mirror today and ugh, not liking what i'm seeing guys. how the hell am i supposed to work out though? i want to lose 30 pounds. but i like donuts. and bacon. and cheese. i'm guessing that's a problem? i also like sleeping, taking a shower at least every other day and being the kind of mom that does good stuff like changing diapers and feeding the kiddos every now and again. when in the world do i have time to hit the gym or steam quinoa? the last 4 years of my life i've either been pregnant or in school full-time... i've let my smokin' hot bod (ha.ha.) turn in to more of a jello-mold sort of motif. are you good at working out? good at creating healthy super meals you can prepare in 20 seconds or less? contact me. help a chubby mom out please. ok, ok, in all seriousness. i do plan to get back into the swing of things. i'm hoping once november rolls around and our new schedules have sort of settled i'll be able to carve out at least a couple days a week for some gym time and i've been trying to eat healther. excpet for right now. right now i've got a king sized bag of m&m's next to me. look, doodle just had an epic meltdown. the m&m's get it. they understand. they just want to help :-)

ok. everyone is asleep. i best get my booty to bed. after i'm done tucking the m&m's in first of course.