Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday E!

My little puddin' pie is ONE today!! how can this be?? where did this year go?

Elijah - my tiny main squeeze - has totally stolen my heart. I'm only beginning to understand what it means to be a "boy mom"  - to know the certain special connection a mommy and her son have.

E, Eli, Eli-Pie, Bubba - you have completed our little family boo boo!

Eli is 100% boy - rough and tumble through and through. He's already walking, probably b/c he wants to chase after sissy and pull her hair. He's already climbing - up onto anything he can get his tiny hands on. We've already had our fair share of bumps and bruises and most of the time it leaves me baffled. Sissy could be set on the couch and would chill and watch and take things in... Not you sir, you want to be in the middle of things, be on top of things, literally :-) You don't give hugs, you give a head-butt to show you love someone. You are such a happy baby boy. You love riding in the car, watching cars, and playing with cars - basically anything with wheels makes you happy. You're not an awesome eater - you try to choke on most things - but you do love cheerios and shredded cheese :-) You LOVE bathtime and splashing and making messes. You love to dance and wiggle your tiny booty. 

This time last year we were worried to death about our little bruiser, who was born quite literally covered in bruises :-( He had a tough beginning, stuck in the NICU for a short time, looking like he'd already gone several rounds in a fight... But soon enough he was in our arms, safe and sound and totally perfect. He was a little late and I was supposed to be induced, but wouldn't you know that morning I went into the hospital he decided on his own that that would be his birthday... Just like him already - deciding exactly what he wanted.

Eli is a blessing, a wonder, a handsome little fellow with a personality that bubbles over with giggles and grins. I can't wait to see it unfold over the years. It is a joy and a privilege to be a momma to this sweet baby man.

Monday, May 19, 2014

tell me about the houses

my sweet rosalie insists on being tucked in every night when i'm not working and we have the most precious script that has to be followed each time...

"mommy, let's talk about the houses"
    - i have no idea what on earth she means by this or where it started, but every night it's the same

"who's house should we talk about?"
   - at this point she almost nearly always asks to talk about the neighbor's house.

"ok, let's talk about i & a's house"
    - and we talk about the chickens who live there. because she loves critters. i can't wait till we have chickens of our own for her to care for and look after :-)

"ok, rosie, time for night night kisses."

"mommy, wait, we have to talk about one more thing... mommy, what present do you want?"

"flowers, mommy always wants flowers."

"pink or red?" "mommy, what box do you want them in?"

and this is where it ends. usually... occasionally she wants to talk about the other neighbors house - he has a blue truck - she's obsessed with it.

does anyone else out there find these silly little quarks with their kiddos?? i love that she always wants to talk about "what present do you want" b/c this is rosalie to a T. always giving, always wanting to know what she can do to make someone else happy. she is precious. tender hearted. my sweetest baby girl :-)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

remember that time...

hey guys, remember that time i had a blog? and while i didn't update ALL the time, i did try to post at least once a month or something... and then we had another baby and i started a new job? well, i'm back. i guess? i'll try.

the kiddos are amazing. e's gonna be a year old next week. seriously. how did that happen? nugget is smack in the middle of 3, rounding the corner to 4 and is sassy, and opinionated and totally wonderful. i adore these two wonderful wonders.

work is - ugh - tough, amazing, rough, exhausting and the best thing i've ever done. can't talk about it much - HIPPA and blah, blah, blah. wish i could share the stories. being a nurse allows you to see all sorts of gnarly things.

that's all i got now. hang on to your biscuits friends. things will hopefully be a little more exciting around here.