Tuesday, November 5, 2013

nighty night

hey guys! i'm tired. how are you?

so i'm a nurse now. seriously. a nurse. how did this happen?? and i love it. LOVE it! and night shift... it isn't that bad. well, except for the lack of sleep. boo lack of sleep.

a few things that have happened since i started working through the nights... i'm disoriented alot. so i sleep like 9am to 2pm between shifts. my alarm went off on sunday afternoon and i couldn't for the life of me (for about half a minute) understand how it was light out in the middle of the night?? another shift i was walking in to the hospital, CONVINCED that it was 6:30 AM rather than PM. it's bizarre to work through the night while the rest of the world is asleep. it's weird to eat lunch when i should be curled up in bed. it's just odd. but it works. we've found an amazing sitter who helps us and bub's dad comes to stay with the kids so i can sleep between shifts too. and i work sat/sun/mon and then i'm off the rest of the week. bub and i never have a whole day together. ever. so that kinda stinks. but it's best for the kids right now.

and guys... being a nurse kinda rocks. i LOVE it. it's hard. it kicks my ass. i'm still a baby, BABY nurse and have only learned to juggle three patients at a time so far (thank goodness for a LONG preceptorship). i still hardly know anything at all. but to be able to help people. to be there when they're feeling awful and scared and sad... to maybe make all that a little easier. to calm their fears a little. to provide simple comforts that many take for granted. i love it. all of it. well, maybe not the CDIFF poo :-) but other than that, it's pretty amazing.

guess that's it for now. we're all slowly adjusting to this new, crazy life. bub loves his new job too. exhausted, a little stressed, but blessed. that's our life right now.

the kids are amazing. nugget LOVED halloween this year. she was such a big, brave girl and went up to all sorts of houses saying her, "trick or treats". doodle is such a happy, sweet boy. i love my precious babies :-)

hopefully it won't take me another month to update... but we'll see!