Wednesday, February 15, 2012

how does your garden grow?

well, the weather may be crummy - cold, wet and grey - but i've got a little bit of spring alive and well in my kitchen! determined to have a successful garden this spring, bub built me a couple of shelves and hung some lighting so i could start seedlings in the house! and it's amazing!! i've already got tomatoes, green bell peppers, zucchini, squash, sunflowers, cosmo flowers, poppies, dill, onions, basil, oregano, cabbage, lavender, marigolds, spinach and more. i can't wait till it's officially spring and all my new little greenies can go out into the garden :-)

the brazil butt lift is going great. it's tough. i've only finished week one, but i'm feeling better already. still working to get a handle on my diet however. stress eating is a hard habit to break. getting back into a regular workout routine is amazing though and i've got the awesome support of miss k - my bum bum friend :-) i'll keep you all posted. if you're thinking of doing it though - i would!!

does anyone else just totally hate valentine's day? i'm so glad it's over. i've got a sweet, wonderful hubby, but my idea of romantic and his idea do NOT match up :-)

the last couple weeks have been heavy, heartbreaking ones. our little family is doing well, but families around us have not been so lucky. my heart aches for our friends that have lost loved ones or are in the middle of very hard times. we've experienced painful times as well and knowing what these amazing people are going through tears my apart. i don't mean to be vague, but it's not my heartache to share. if you are the praying type though, please remember those going through especially painful times.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


hello little blogland, i'm sorry i let so much time go since we last chatted. life, as usual, is zooming by at a hectic pace. school is moving along. my ob clinicals are well under way and class is interesting - i love ob and peds, so while i often feel like a teeny tiny lego-lady tossed out to a giant sea, in the dark, with no life jacket and a blindfold over my tiny lego eyes (you know, like a tiny little lego person) i am enjoying the content of the lectures. nuggie is doing great! she's leaving babyhood in the dust and hurtling towards toddlerhood. so naturally, big, giant temper tantrums are in full swing. she's a spirited little lady, i'll give her that! i'm also finding it a struggle to leave behind some of the "baby" things i've done for her. currently i'm receiving a HUGE amount of grief from people on all sides b/c i still give her a "night-night" bottle. look people, i love it. i love sitting in the rocking chair with her and having some sweet snuggle time and reading her favorite little books. it's one of my favorite times of the day. if you'd like to give me grief about it - save it. everyone's gotta do what's best for them, and i adore our sweet mommy/daughter time. i'm also learning to not give in to her every whimper. i'm a sucker for a crying nuggie - but she knows this and she's playing me at times. gotta learn to keep those boundries in place. on a more positive note - i think we've got a girly girl on our hands. i've had my suspiscions, but this week she carried her little pink purse around, full of her "jewelry" and her cell phone (not a real one folks, calm down). she also is learning to carry the purse ON her shoulder like a grown up ladycakes. she's such a sweet little pea. i adore her more each and every day.

alright, so monday - the booty butt kicking commences. after hearing some ladies discuss the "brazil butt lift" last monday, i was laying on my lazy booty butt with bub and came across the infomercial. i said to bub, we have to watch this! and then before i knew it, i was totally sucked in. in just 60 days i can look like a brazillian super model! my ass can be two inches higher. these are facts people. i had to have it. so here we go, my latest get-fit fad. bub promised that if i did it for the full 60 days we could take a little mini-vacation this summer (we were already planning this, but it would be fun to confidently wear a swimsuit on a beach somewhere) just me and him. 60 days, i can do that, right? ha. yeah. i've said that about 974 times before on this blog. but maybe this time it'll stick? i got my videos all ready and the awesome support of the sweet miss k (who's kindly sharing her living room with me during parts of this adventure since a certain father-in-law is camped out on our couch for an undetermined amount of time). i've also stocked up on healthy foods - string cheese, nuts, fruit, boca burgers, tuna and about 16 pounds of lettuce for salads. i've got my ankle weights, hand weights and ridiculously large water bottle. now all that is left to do is fill out my "before" measurements on the sweet little card leandro himself (the creator of the brazil butt lift!) sent to me. oh and yeah, there's the pencil test. seriously. i wish i were making this up. in my packet came a lovely yellow pencil, the old school kind you'd take an exam with. and you're supposed to wedge it into her ass overhang, like between your cheek and thigh, and IF that pencil can be wedged there, that's like super-duper ass trouble alarms going off. thank the stars above, my ass isn't in THAT much trouble, but i do have the muffin top, and according to the booty blueprint, i am submerged in the booty badlands. we start monday... i'll keep you posted. i know you can't wait.