Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Scary Santa

jeeze-la-weeze... how did i let over a month fly by without a blog?? life has been N.U.T.S.

school has seriously flown by this semester. next week are finals and then i'll be done! only one last semester stands between me and that R.N. (well, not counting the all scary NCLEX exam, but i can't worry about that right now. i'll have a two week old at home when i have to take that. say what?!?). i can't believe the end is in sight!

the baby bump is growing. hard to believe i'm a little over 16 weeks already. we find out the end of the month if it's a little he or a she. everyone keeps asking me what i think it is... honestly either way is amazing. i'd LOVE to have a little boy. a little mini-version of bub :-) a little man to be all rough and tumble with. on the other hand though giving nuggie a sister would be a wonderful thing. girls i get and girls are fun with all the pink and bows and dollies :-) i don't really have any idea what it is, no feelings either way. so it'll be a big wonderful surprise on the 27th!

nuggie is doing amazing. she is growing like a sweet little weed. she's talking up a storm and we're working on potty training. the little stinker is awesome at it, but ONLY if she's a little nudey running around with a bare booty. you put her in a pull-up or big girl panties and whoops, pee-pee puddles. she cracked us up last week though. bub and i were sitting around one evening and she was playing. all of a sudden she popped up like a little bolt and said, "be back, i poop!" and she ran to the bathroom, turned on the light and did her business. she cracks us up every single day.

the poor little thing has a huge fear though... SANTA. there was a little breakfast with santa at her preschool on saturday and she would NOT go near him. i scooped her up and tried to just stand next to the jolly old elf and she literally screamed HELP, HELP, and clawed out of my arms to get away. the photographer even joked that we had "that kid" and laughed and took pictures of the whole scene. well, monday her little preschool put a small, mechanical santa and mrs. clause in their classroom. apparently she spent the whole day eyeballing them and wouldn't go near them. tuesday morning we just turned into the parking lot and she lost it. in the car, screaming, yelling, NO NO NO. i had to take her in though, i had an exam at school :-/ it was awful. her teacher had to pry her out of my arms. but no one had put two and two together. we just figured she was tired or maybe getting sick. i called in about an hour later to check on her and was told they removed those pesky robots from the classroom and she was as calm as can be. silly girl. why, oh why is she so scared of santa??

a sweet friend and i are getting all DIY on the holidays this year. last week we made lavender bath salts to give as gifts. tomorrow we're trying our hand at canning apple butter. now, i grew up the daughter of a true canning queen, but i haven't ever tried it on my own. hope we don't blow anything up!!

hope everyone is enjoying the holidays so far. it's such a joy to have a little one during this time of year. nuggie makes it all so much more fun. last night the three of us snuggled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and watched rudolph. she was of course scared of the abominable snow man, but we snuggled her close and got through it together :-)

happy wednesday loves!