Friday, March 15, 2013

spring break... adult style

spring break 2013 has been a wild one, let me tell you... oh wait, no, not it hasn't - not at all :-)

i've enjoyed it don't get me wrong, but seriously, i could use another week off!

first of all, we've had homework. a case study, kaplan quizzes to work on, tutoring sessions to attend and oh yea, a HUGE endocrine exam to prepare for on monday. i've been working on that all week and still feel immensely under prepared for it. i know i keep saying it, but this semester is kicking my ass. and we're not talking like a jillian michael's ass kicking on biggest loser, we're talking like ending up on the wrong side of the law and being dealt with mobster style and getting your ass pounded with lead pipes and water-boarding and having some teeth knocked out and then watching your puppy get punted off a bridge just for the hell of it...  IF i survive this semester i know for a 100% fact i can overcome anything. the jury is still out though on whether or not i'll end up getting my pin on may 11 :-/

ok, so there's that fun stuff to encourage your day with...

THEN, there's the preparing for little man's arrival. i feel a little guilty. i know he's there, i know he'll be born soon, but i just haven't had much time to process it. i've always got my nose in a book or whatever. i decided i wanted to do some nesting this week to get ready for him. there's not been any time to prepare so far. so, i wanted to clean out stuff... the attic - to see if there was any gender-neutral stuff from nuggie we could use. i've cleaned out closets... which seriously makes me so happy! call me OCD, but whatever, there's not much better than a well-organized and tidy home. i painted little man's shelf that bub built for him. prepped the "baby" shelf in the kitchen again so we have all the bottles and burp clothes and bibs back out. car seat is in the car. double stroller has been purchased. drawers are starting to fill up with tiny diapers and tiny onesies. this weekend we're rearranging our bedroom to make plenty of space for his bassinet since he'll be rooming in with us longer than nuggie did. since they have to share a room i'm anticipating he'll sleep in our room for a while till he's at least *sort of* sleeping through the night. she's such a light sleeper, i know having a little roommate will complicate her night night routine.

this week has also been full of OB, endocrinologist and dentist appts. fun, fun, fun! you know you'd rather do all that than sit on the beach with a fruity drink in your hand. admit it.

in the middle of all this i've enjoyed some awesome quality time with my little nugget. she's amazing... i have to brag on her a little. i love that little lady more and more every single day. i've kept her home from daycare as much as i could (in between dr appts, tutoring sessions and errand running) and we've had some fun :-) we enjoyed the zoo one morning. which is even better this year than last b/c she's really starting to get excited about the animals. we've had lunch dates with dear friends and we've been able to snuggle and watch lots of cartoons :-) she's growing into such an amazing little lady. she's very compassionate right now and tender-hearted. she gets very concerned if she thinks someone is sad and will pat your shoulder and give you kisses to make you feel better. she's starting to sing alot and remembers songs from school. she hates being the center of attention though and will embarrass easily, so we're being sensitive to that, but also trying to show her it's ok to be silly and dance and sing. it's gorgeous today so as soon as she's up from nap we'll be heading out to play in the garden i think!

anyhow - that's a long summary of our little world right now. hope all is well for you my friends... happy spring!