Friday, September 30, 2011

oh what a week...

it is a wonderful friday! the sun is shining and there is a lovely breeze. every window in the house is open wide! after the week we've had around here it's nice to hear the birds and feel the sweet, fresh air.

nuggie got her first big, bad, ugly sickness. she was so quiet last saturday, just sort of out of it and not her normal, happy little self. late that night she woke up with a fever and a bit of a cough, the next night she woke up with a much higher fever and even worse cough. she's been a sicky sickerson all week. i took her to the dr on monday, they said it was just a nasty bug. wednesday night she seemed to be having trouble breathing so back to the dr she went and the poor little nuggie has bronchiolitis :-( they tried an albuterol treatment on her, but it didn't help. so we've just been trying to keep her comfy and resting and hydrated. she is pitiful.

during all the sick nuggie sadness - school kicked my ass. we had a fundamentals test monday, which i did fine on since i had studied all weekend before nuggie really got too sick. but thursday we had a pharm test, a math for meds test and a our skills checkoff on catheters. and i totally failed that pharm test. i can't let this happen again. i went from an A to a C with one bad test grade. it's so hard though - nuggie and bub are my world. they come first. my baby was sick and she needed me - so pharm went to the back burner. but, school is a priority too. it's so hard to find that balance. bub tried to convince me to leave several evenings to go study, but i just couldn't leave my little love. but now i'm stuck - i've dug myself a deep hole and i've got to get out of it.

we are all tired and worn out and now i'm sick too :-( so we're gonna sleep a lot this weekend and relax (but not TOO much, still gotta study) and start fresh on monday. we have a coupon for le peep, so i think we'll take nuggie over there tomorrow morning for breakfast and then go on a nice long walk in the park... that sounds like the perfect remedy for the week we've all had.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

watcha lookin' at???

i gotta join in on the fall tv blogging fun! i keep reading others blogs - what they're watching, what they love and i'd like to toss my two cents in as well!!

since school has taken over my brain and we're lucky enough to have a DVR now, i'm not exactly sure what night every show is on (bub handles the DVR'ing) and i'm just too lazy to go googling right now. but you guys are smart - you know where to find these...

my favs:
 - parenthood. i haven't always loved this show, but it has sucked me in for whatever reason. i'm not 100% sold on it just yet, but you know, i like it...

- my new, total fav is the New Girl! oh. my. goodness. i haven't laughed that much at a tv show in a long, long time. i really hope it sticks around! zoey d. is fabulous!!!

- and since i was watching the New Girl last week i stuck around and watched Raising Hope. so funny too! i need to catch up on last season i think - it was so cute and funny.

- i'm also of course loyal to modern family and the office. modern family was amazing last week! the office, eh... i gotta say, it isn't the same without boss michael, but we've watched forever, i gotta stick it out.

- and bub really enjoys happy endings, so we watch that one too!

i have to say i had some hopes for that new one, whitney - but ugh, such a disappointment and WAY too much audience laughing. who even does that anymore???

ok and sorta not related, but sorta it is - am i the only 20'something (i can say that for a few more months!!) who watches days of our lives? i have watched since about 8th grade and still i love it. if you are a days fan too, will you please step forward and announce yourself? i need someone to gab with about it, b/c bub really doesn't want to hear about rafe and sami and dario and melanie and the saga of their lives in salem!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

let go and let God

i knew that nuggie would eventually come down with a bug or a nasty cold or something - but being in the middle of it now is still really making it hard to be a calm, collected mommy. my sweet babes is sick :-( she woke up early this morning with a fever and a nasty cough. she's had a fever all day. her little eyes are red and sad looking. it completely breaks my heart and is making me a neurotic, crazy mess - more than usual that is :-) i wonder - does she need to go to the ER? should i sleep in her room tonight so i can check her little forehead every 30 minutes to see if she's burning up? do i leave her in jammies or let her run around in just a D? is she too hot, to cold? does she need ice water? you read the books, you ask all your mommy friends and STILL having your first child being really sick for the first time makes you doubt and question everything.

add to this that i have a fundamentals test tomorrow, two tests and a skill checkoff (those lovely catheters) on thursday. oh and for some awful reason, though all my grades are the same and nothing has changed, my total grade for class went from a B to an F when i check it online? i emailed my adviser, but that's on my mind. i know it's got to be an error, but what the FRAP.

i also feel like i'm being an awful friend these days. neglecting friendships and the people i love. the house is a wreck. dinner is going to be done SO stinking late tonight. i have no time to work out. my sweet hubby is getting ignored :-(  EVERYTHING is out of my control right now.

and still - God is there. i had a dream last night, and let me say, i'm not normally the, "God told me something in a dream." sorta girl. but last night i had this very specific dream and God was saying to me, let go and let God. like, let it all go, He's in control, it's all going to be ok. and so, though it feels like my little bitty world is fraying at the seams right now, i'm going to try to just give it all to Him and rest in that.

i would add though that if you're the praying sort, would you say a little prayer for our sweet baby girl, who's real name is indeed NOT nuggie :-) but rosalie. she could use a little healing and a good night of sleep.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

a little bit of this and a little bit of that

well we survived the warrior dash and here are the pics to prove it! please note that the sports bra i'm wearing was a lovely shade of blue before the race began. i was MUDDY! for those who don't know - the warrior dash is a 5k obstacle course. holy moly - it was so hard. but i finished it and had a blast. i highly encourage anyone who has the chance to do one to do just that, DO IT! you'll get to climb through a junk yard of cars, leap over fire, swim through a mud pit and scramble over all sorts of walls in many shapes and sizes.

sweet baby nugget is having a good week. she's such a sweet, happy baby girl. just a few more weeks till she's a whole year old. how is this possible??? i can't wait to share some of the things we have in store for her party. i bought a half gallon of organic milk to start mixing in with her formula. how is she about to stop taking bottles? this year has gone way too fast.

school is going well. i think i've found my groove - for now anyhow. we had our skills checkoff this week, so we were tested on our ability to preform things like blood pressure and apical pulse. today we learned to do catheters. well, sorta. we didn't have actual people to practice on, i mean, would YOU want to be the poor soul that lets a group of mini-nurses practice catheters on them?!? i think not. so this is a skill we'll get to work on when we start clinicials. without providing TMI - my stay in the hospital after nugget was born may or may not have involved one of the above mentioned procedures and it may or may not have been more painful than when nugget actually entered the world. i want to learn to do this skill well so i can hopefully not make another poor woman go through needless pain.

well i best get back to studying. this is all there is to life these days - nuggie, bub and school. done.

Friday, September 16, 2011

warrior dash

well by this time tomorrow i will have completed and hopefully survived my first ever warrior dash. i am SO not prepared for this. it's a 5k obstacle course and i haven't run since my last 5k. but it will be fun :-) and afterwards we get turkey legs and beer, so uh, what could be better!

hope everyone is doing wonderfully! i survived another week of school. it's wearing me out, but i'm still loving it.

all the little plants in my garden have sprouted - i hope it all grows and grows! does anyone know how to grow strawberries? i want to plant some and i believe they need to be started in the fall, but i'm not sure if i do seeds or plants or in a pot or in the ground... anybody have experience with the fruity yums??

soooo - this is what i'll be up to on saturday...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

nerds the werd...

 i told you i got a silly thrill out of balancing all of nuggie's bottle bits on her teeny tiny bottle rack... here you go - proof of it :o)

 and here ya go... some pics of my cutie pie. i was going through the memory card and found a few of my favs and wanted to share. i love her so much!

we had such a lovely weekend. the weather was great and we spent some good time outside. i'm most excited about our back deck. bub built a lovely deck for us right after we moved in, but we just never used it. we wanted to create a safe place for nuggie to play outside (not alone or anything, just free of ouchies and in some shade)... so we moved off the huge, UGLY patio table we never used and brought up the sweet little porch swing that wasn't being used either and we brought up a little cafe table and now we have a lovely little area for her to play in and some comfy seating for us! i really want to find an outdoor rug to lay down so she won't get splinters on her knees crawling around. anyone know where i might find a very inexpensive one?? 

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend as well... back to studying i go.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

clean as a bean...

hey friends.

well i survived another week of classes. we had a pharm test and a fundamentals test this week. both are done and i find myself with some extremely rare free time tonight - ole!

i've scrapped the "tutu cute" bday party theme for nugg's 1st bday. i LOVE it, but after some searching, it seems it's near impossible to find cute (NOT CHEESY) ballet themed birthday party supplies. and guys, i have zero time to track down the one cute ballerina themed birthday party invitation on Etsy. so i'm gonna hit up hobby lobby soon and see what i can come up with.

nuggie is sick with her first awful cold. she's had the sniffles a few times, but this is her first snotty nosed gross gross cold. my poor babe :-( we're off to see her pediatrician in the morning just to make sure she hasn't developed an ear infection.

remember that time i said i wanted to fit into my old pants by the time clinicals start (in October)?? yeah, that's so not happening. boo to me and this pudge that will NEVER go away. guys i'm trying. i REALLY am. here - i'll give you a sample of what happens and why i can't fit in a workout ever anymore. here's yesterday:

5:30 AM - my alarm goes off. i want to get up early so i can get a workout in.

5:45 - coo, coo, babble, babble...SURPRISE... nuggie is up and ready for the day. F. there goes my morning chance. i feed her and get her back down in her crib long enough for me to hop in the shower and get ready.

7:30 - off to school.

12:15 - done with school for the day.

12:30 - pick up nugg from the sitter's... find out she's sick. that runny nose was really a nasty cold. she didn't nap, she didn't eat, she didn't do anything but fuss. poor babers :-(

1-5 - entertain babes. thinking i still had a chance to squeeze a workout in while she napped in the afternoon i hold out hope. uh oh - stink pot decides she won't nap AT ALL today. there goes that. i fix dinner, feed her, bub gets home and i fly out the door off the panera to cram for my pharm test.

9:30 - home, tired and frazzled. i study some more and hit the hay.

today was pretty much the same. only i had class longer so that ate up my nuggie cuddle time. no afternoon nap - no working out. oh and i had an unexpected long lunch break today, so bub and i squished in a lunch date and had 5 guys. SOOOO yummy - but uh, not helping my pants cause.

perhaps it is time to resign myself to the fact that the "new" me is just 20 pounds heavier. hey, at least then i could just go out and buy some bigger pants and stop fussing!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

what do you say?

i thought this was cute and totally stole it from this chicky's blog. i'd love some comments kiddos. what do YOU call some of these things??

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
pill bug

What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?

What do you call gym shoes?
tennis shoes

What do you say to address a group of people?
hey guys

What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
daddy long legs

What do you call your grandparents?

What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
shopping cart

What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
uhhh... i don't call it anything, but i do look for a rainbow

What is the thing you use to change the TV channel?

it's funny how people have different names for the same things. when i lived up north soda was "pop" and when i moved down here i about peed on myself when i heard someone call a shopping cart a "buggy"


Friday, September 2, 2011

sound off...

it has been a crazy week (i say that alot, huh?). i'm learning, however slowly, to adjust to doing the single hardest thing i have ever done in my whole life - EVER. nursing school is going to kill me, for real... ok, maybe i'm being dramatic. it just FEELS like it's going to kill me. and before it does that it will take away any bit of a social life i had, as well as the precious little sleep i've barely been getting and it will also impede on my crazy cleaning habits. i want to say to my instructors - you want us to read how much?!? don't you know i have things to do :-)

anyhow, i'm in a venting mood. so here ya go. you've been warned.

1. i can't stand it when parents tell me that their two year old is going to "school". when i was little i think my parents called that daycare or perhaps a mother's day out. all these hoity toity parents want to feel better about what they're really doing - sending your kid off to daycare. news flash - there is nothing wrong with daycare. and there is nothing wrong with needing a little break from your lovely babes.

2. i can not watch reruns of talk shows. if they're talking about something that happened in february like it is happening today i get all itchy and uncomfy. so in the summer i can't watch: regis and kelly, conan, the view, ellen... you get the idea.

3. i get a very satisfying sense of accomplishment when i can balance all of nuggie's bottle bits and parts on her drying rack. she uses the dr. brown's bottles that come with like six peices and when i slack b/c i have to read 8 gajillion pages of pharmacology and somehow retain it and there are like 12 bottles stacked up to be washed it turns into a very sad little game for me. can i stack up all the freshly washed parts on her tiny bottle rack and keep them there while i push it to its little resting place??? i don't know! what will happen? it gets me every time.

4. i can't walk around barefoot. i must have on flip flops or socks. if i'm walking somewhere and even a tiny bit of something sticks to my foot i have to stop and get it off. we have a cat. kitty litter is an infinetly mupltipling reality for us. i swear, i could sweep the floor 6 times a day and STILL there is kitty litter. so i say, eff that. where a flip flop. save some sanity.

ok. re-reading this. i may have a problem or two. whatev. it's my blog and i'll whine if i want to :-p