Thursday, October 20, 2011

as if...

oh as if life could get ANY more hectic!?! well friends, it sure has. clinicals started this week. i had a patient! a real live patient to care for. i did real nursey stuff! it was awesome, but good golly it keeps me busy. monday i have class like normal, then i head to the hospital to pick up my patient info and then commences the hours of paperwork to prepare. then tuesday we show up at the hospital at 6:15 A-freaking-M!!! and do our thing. do more paperwork. show up again on wednesday bright and early, do more paperwork, turn it in. thursday is class which i've not even thought about since the week before since clinicals have consumed my last three days. fri/sat/sun are filled to max with cramming in all my studying. i thought i had no time before, UH, yeah, now i have even less time. but it's all good! many have gone before me and survived - i'll get through this too!! i'm sorry sweet friends if i'm ignoring you, trust me, it's not intentional at all.

in less hectic news - i've got an interview for a nurse extern position! not like i need one more thing to cram into my schedule - but some experience would be amazing and a little $$$ wouldn't hurt things either!

alright - that's all i got for now!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pee and lists and clinicals - OH MY

hiya. i've just about survived another week. hoping i make it just a few more days!

a few things i think you all should know.

1. i got nuggie pee on me. what's the big deal you may be asking yourself?? well, i scooped her up from her crib about 2 min before it was to time to drop her off with the sitter and you know how you wring out a wet towel or something? yea, when i scooped her up the pee pee squished out and ran all down my leg. nice. a whole new way to get baby pee on me. how'd her diaper even get that full anyhow?!? i think she's got a mini water cooler stuffed away in that crib of hers.

2. we had a lovely little workshop at school this week about finding joy. how many times have i heard that? about a jillion. but maybe there is something there? something more than just feeling happy... like deciding to live a joyful life no matter the craziness life is throwing your way. i'm still sorta mulling this all over, but she suggested we dream out our very best version of life - i'm gonna think on this some more... what would my perfect life look like?

3. i'm seriously obsessing over pinterest.. really. who knew such a fabulous little site existed! so far i have found about a gazillion crafty holiday snacks to make... wish i could just make little foodies all day long. i've ALSO picked the most super fun 30th bday theme for bub and i. a totally 80's celebration! so it's not the most original idea ever, BUT seeing as how both bub and i were born in that fabulous decade i thought it would fit! so pinterest has helped me gather all sorts of totally tubular ideas for our big soiree!

4. i had orientation for clinicals today. i'm gonna be on an orthopedic floor and our instructor is amazing! she's seriously the sweetest person. so much anxiety has been lifted away! we also had our head-to-toe checkoffs and i passed that too. whew! i feel like i can breath a little!

happy wednesday lovelies!

Monday, October 10, 2011

One Year Old!

how is it possible that we celebrated nuggie's 1st birthday this past saturday?? how is my little babes so grown already?!? this year went by WAY too fast! 

 so while she doesn't technically turn 1 till the 15th, we had a little tiny party for her this weekend b/c i've got to be out of town for her actual birthday :-( but she's little bitty - all she cares about is that she got to eat cake!

here's nugg's snacky table. lots of kid friendly nibbles - animal crackers, grapes and mini vanilla wafers. and of course CUPCAKES!!

 my happy baby :-)

 i didn't get a great pic of her tutu... but she had a "tutu cute" party! and i must give a shoutout to shannon who helped with the AMAZING invites and the sweet bow nuggie is wearing!

 she loved her cupcake. although, all she really ate was the frosting. she just kept squishing her hand in it and then licking it off :-)

mommy and daddy splurged and bought her a fisher-price incrediblock. she LOVES it! she's so into sorting and hiding things in other things that when i saw this i knew i had to get it for her. i know it was a little pricey, but we don't really buy her much. she's received almost all her toys, clothes, nursery stuff, basically everything as gifts or hand me downs, so it was fun to buy her a present.

my sweet, darling daughter. we love her sooo much and more each day. she is the absolute most precious gift from God. it has been the most challenging and amazing year and i so look forward to many more to come.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i'm drowning!!! (ok, not really)

i've got a doozy of a sinus infection... frap my luck. i was sitting in lecture this morning and could hardly hear our instructer, my ears are so full of crud. so i hustled my hiney down to the walgreens walk in clinic and got checked out and there ya go. infected sinus (sini??) the NP i saw said i should try a netti pot. i've avoided those tiny tea pots like the plague. who wants to dump water in one nostril only to have it drip out the other? but since i now have the plague and can no longer run from it, i caved and bought one. i thought about waiting till bub came home, just to you know, sorta supervise or save me when i would inevitably inhale the water and become the first drowning victim to actually not die in water. but i thought, nuggie is with me, she'll save me and do i even really want bub to see me doing this to my nose? so i prepped the pot and poured! and it is a little tea pot of heaven. if you have a cold/allergies/sinus issues i highly recommend using one. it's like a soothing little shower for your nostrils. i'm feeling better all ready!!!

second, totally unrelated topic. i somehow ended up on the mailing list for this crazy catalog that sells like kids and parents matching clothes. it's some weirdo european thing i guess cause all the sizes are in weirdo formations. they also happen to sell matchy matchy pj's for like EVERYONE in the whole family.

this is the best pic i could find... it does not do the wonderfulness of this idea justice. i'm already seeing it now - christmas morning, like 2024 - nuggie will be like 14 and i'll insist that the WHOLE fam wears their matching pajamas. oh yes - it will be grand :-p