Sunday, August 31, 2014

30 Days...

Thirty days... They say you can break a bad habit (or add a great new one) in that time. I need some new ones people and I need to ditch a few (or fifty) bad ones. So in 21 minutes we'll welcome a new month - September 1 - a month exactly 30 days long. I'm going to TRY to blog every day. Thirty days of the good, bad and ugly.

Life is a messy whirlwind these days. A hurricane of dirty diapers, overstretched schedules, exhausted frustrations. I'm not one to shy away from honesty - to lay it all out there - because that's how we grow. Being transparent allows others to learn from what we're going through and it's how I ask for help. How I let others know, hey, I need advice, help, love.

Can an exhausted mommy, frazzled wife and anxious woman - all rolled in to one - find peace? Find God's path? Find a calm heart?

Eh.... I don't know. I'm skeptical. BUT I'm putting a new foundation into place. I want to chronicle it - mostly b/c I'm hoping it will help to keep me accountable, but maybe a little too that it will speak to another frazzled mommy, another wounded heart.

Happy September first my dears. Here's to a new month, a fresh start and lots of grace ahead!