Friday, February 1, 2013

el listo

it's been another month since i blogged. fourth semester of nursing school is to blame this time around. so here's a list for you...

- like i said, fourth (and hopefully final) semester began last month. each semester i think, this can NOT possibly get harder. and then it does. and i want to die. but not, b/c this is the hardest i've ever worked for anything and i'm proud of that. but we had our first exam last week. i seriously studied like 20 hours, minimum. i've NEVER studied that much for one test. and i failed. yep. failed. granted it was a 76, but in our program that won't cut it. and so now i'm failing the course. and i want to cry and be sad and it's stressing me out. i walked out of that test thinking i'd blown it away. and i didn't - at all. so on to exam two i guess. so much rides on me passing, i can't get another grade like that :-(

- add on to school that i'm still chugging along in this pregnancy. overall it's been amazing. baby boy is growing perfectly and i'm healthy... but i'm exhausted. all.the.time. i could take a nap any time, day or night. but i can't. b/c of school and being a mommy already. and it's all such an amazing blessing, but i really did not appreciate how good i had it the first time around being pregnant with nuggie. he's kicking like nuts and FINALLY has a name :-) just a few more months and he'll be here!

- nuggie is doing amazing. she's gone through a huge growth spurt and grew a couple of inches in like two weeks. she's talking up a storm and starting to play pretend. i caught her this morning playing house with a garden gnome. she was kissing him and patting his back and wiping his bottom b/c he was "poopy". she's going to make a great big sister. i worry so much about her and bringing this baby home though. she's our princess and the center of everything - how her little world is about to be turned upside down. i'm scared she'll hate me and not understand and think i don't love her if i have to devote more attention to little man.

- we got another goldfish. he's a sweet little guy who nuggie has named lolo. has anyone else encountered the nuts that work at petsmart though? i wanted to buy a $3 goldfish and i think it was easier to bring nuggie home from the hospital. the woman, who i know only had the best intentions, put me through the ringer asking about how i would care for this goldfish. we've got a little tank for the fishie and she made me promise i was going to buy a bigger one. seriously. b/c didn't i know that a goldfish (a SINGLE goldfish) needs a ten gallon tank? and then didn't i know that i had to vaccum the tank out to clean it? and you never put fish food just on top of the water, i could kill the fish that way. and when i asked to also purchase a snail for our little tank, she refused to sell me one. a snail. she said that my tank couldn't support a snail. seriuosly? i didn't argue with her - i'm sure she knows what she's talking about. but i essentially wanted to buy a bug. and she wouldn't let me. hmph! lolo is doing great by the way. nuggie and i check on him all the time and she loves to watch him swim around.

guess that's about it. happy friday friends!

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