Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Eight Months?

Hey Guys,

Remember that time I'd blog.... and keep you all updated on the little activities of our family. Its been EIGHT months since I did that... What??? Alot has happened since the last time we talked. Ok, maybe nothing earth shattering, but still kinda big in my world.

Work is good. I wish I could talk about it more. But seriously, I have found my dream job. I'm so so SO lucky to be caring for moms and babies! No one has tried to bite me or claw me or poop on me in months!

The kid's are great. Both growing like little weeds. Rosie is starting pre-k this week. What??? How is that possible?? And E is two. And crazy. And so much fun.

We just got back from the beach. Someone please take me back. It was the fastest week of my life. And we didn't do much. How is that possible?? We went to the beach. Took naps. Ate. Went back to the beach. It was a little bit of perfection.

Ok, so work is good. Kids are good. Life is good. But why don't I feel that way? Hello - honesty alert - I'm a mess. My anxiety is seriously through the roof. I'm seeing the psych dr. weekly now (starting today, for real) and perhaps he'll help. I don't know. I can NOT stop worrying about every little thing. But thank God for real friends because I know I am not alone. I know that this too shall pass. But some days it just doesn't feel that way...

Anyways. This is short and sweet. But perhaps it will be the start of a regular thing? Who knows.

Love you all,

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