Wednesday, September 3, 2014

day 3

yo - i made energy balls tonight. maybe they'll really supply with actual energy and i can rocket through my day getting all the things done? eh, or maybe they'll just be super yummy??

the balls of energy are in fact yummy. thank you pinterest.

i made it to the gym today - win.

i also made it to my endocrinologist today and she informed me i've gained 3 pounds since my last check up - lose.

bub and i had an impromptu lunchy date. that was a win. life has been so rough on us lately. it is so easy to lose touch with someone even when you live under the same roof. when money is tight and stress is high even little things suddenly become very big. it felt like a little breath of fresh air to get out just bub and i, even for just an hour on a busy wednesday afternoon. i'm thankful for the these little things.

tomorrow is thursday. i don't know if that means anything to you.  but happy sept 4th dears!

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