Thursday, December 18, 2014

to blog or not to blog?

As per usual I have gone many months since my last entry... I don't know, I LOVE to write, like really, really. On the other hand, why write something no one reads???

Guess I'll give my usual update :-)

The kids are doing wonderfully. We all survived the great Stomach Flu of '14 a few weeks ago. Rosalie was always the one to bring home an upper respiratory bug - colds, sore throats, croup - she was the queen of those ailments. E on the other hand really loves his GI bugs. Diarrhea, vomiting? That's his MO. Thanks buddy - the ENTIRE clan had the joy of sharing the germies over the week of Thanksgiving, even poor Gramps who came to visit was stricken. We all made it through though and hopefully we'll not catch it again for a while.

Work is going well. I started an amazing new job last month. It's just about perfection. I'm working maternal/newborn at a large hospital here in town. The only thing that would be make it even more perfect was if I was on an L&D floor... but I'll get there. In the meantime I'm adoring each shift more and more - what a blessing to be caring for sweet new babies and their lovely mommas. Such a change of pace from my last workplace. No one is sexually harrasing me, or swinging IV poles at me head. I haven't had to clean up CDIFF or break my back to roll a 300 pound pt over in the bed. I want to remind myself every day where I came from and what a blessing it is to be doing what I love finally.

Books! I've started reading again. I recently read Gone Girl (LOVED it!) and just last night finished up The Leftovers (which was really good, but the HBO series is SOOOOO much better). Any good recommendations? I'm for sure a fiction lover - what are you guys reading??

Ok - Rosie is fussing at me... Ahh, motherhood. I'll really, really try to write again soon.


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